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We offer private nutrition coaching, in house cooking demonstrations and label reading, and hosts educational wellness talks. Nutrition with Fusion Fitness is both fun, informative, and centred around a whole foods approach.

Nutrition Coaching Packages

Whether you’re looking for a meal plan catered to your specific likes/dietary restrictions, or an in-depth nutrition protocol designed to optimize your health, metabolism, hormones, and lifestyle along with weekly nutrition coaching sessions, we’ve got you covered!

7 day meal plan: $150 + GST

1 month (basic): $250 + GST

1 month (advanced): $485 + GST

3 month (basic): $985 + GST

3 month (advanced): $1485 + GST

Cook With Us

1 Month Cooking Lessons - $500 + GST

Together with one of our nutritionists, you’ll prepare 3-4 recipes, and learn valuable kitchen hacks to make cooking easy, tasty, and fun! Perfect for: those who feel bored with their current recipe rotation, and want to be cooking more holistically.

3 Month Cooking Lessons - $1425 + GST

Save 5%!

Together with one of our nutritionists, you’ll prepare 3-4 recipes, and learn valuable kitchen hacks to make cooking easy, tasty, and fun! Perfect for: those learning to cook, and looking to build confidence in the kitchen. You’ll learn the foundations of healthy cooking, flavour/ingredient combining, and how to save time.

What Our

Clients Say

I spent 3 months on a program that combined Mary's nutrition expertise, and Wade's exercise programs. The experience was fantastic, and a different approach that involved looking at my goals as something long term, and sustainable, rather than a short term fix that I wouldn't be able to maintain.

Both Mary and Wade are extremely knowledgeable, relatable, and supportive, while at the same time providing you with a program that still promotes being accountable to yourself. You don't get the feeling that you're 'just another client', but rather that they truly care about you, and genuinely want to see you achieve your goals, whether that be weight loss, living a healthier lifestyle, or improved fitness.

I would highly recommend Fusion Fitness, and many thanks to you both!
I initially brought Mary on to help me work towards building a healthy nutrition plan and routine for an upcoming Half Ironman race that I wanted to compete in. Mary's approach to learning all the intricacies of my daily routine and habits helped shape our time together to be positive and beyond what I expected.

I learned the importance of proper fuelling and understanding the macro-nutrient breakdown of what I was eating and why they were critical to my overall plan. As our time progressed, my goals shifted and Mary was in lock-step with me.

My overall health has shifted as we reviewed a holistic approach that went beyond what I ate. We reviewed my sleeping habits, my daily fitness routine and how they all come together in a cohesive system that maximizes my energy and health. Mary takes a unique approach in how she works with her clients in this regard that I have not seen before.

Ultimately, Mary provided the guidance for me to shift how I eat and when I eat to help me live a healthier life, coupled with her positive personality, I would absolutely recommend you contact her and chat about your health goals.
Peter Toth
I couldn’t feel more well-supported!!

Mary has been guiding me on my wellness journey for the past 6 months. I honestly don’t believe I could feel more well-supported than I do with Mary. The meal plans that Mary put together for me targeted my weight-loss primarily, but also took into account my family’s many dietary restrictions that made following the meal plans simple to stick with for me and my family.

While my wellness journey is ongoing, I have made progress that I am proud of to date, due largely to Mary’s custom-designed meal plans, the accountability from our bi-weekly measurement check-ins, as well as the many text messages of support, all coupled with the commitment I’ve made to sticking with a rigorous fitness regime. I am fitter, stronger, and leaner than I have been in over 10 years. Over these past 6 months, I’ve lost 10 pounds and many inches so far but have gone down a whole clothing size and feel so much stronger than when I started.

I’ve learned great messaging from Mary too; that ‘cheat meals’ or even ‘cheat days’ are okay because if you feel constantly deprived, you won’t be happy and won’t have long-term success. I’ve also learned that no foods are bad, which has been so good for me to learn after having tried a few diets over the years that had me eliminate whole food groups (i.e. ketogenic diet, veganism, for example). Mary is a source of energy, light, and brightness who I feel so very fortunate to have met and to have guide me on my health, wellness and self-care journey.
Cristina Mior
I can’t thank Mary enough for her guidance and support as I endeavored to lose some weight and change my diet. I had tried a lot of different things in the past, but most were too restrictive for me to adhere to and while I had some success, my old habits came back, reversing the progress I had made.

After working with Mary and talking to her about making smaller changes, I have found the transition to be easy and the results have been very positive. I have lost the weight I was hoping to and I have more energy!

Mary helped me to see that I didn’t have to make huge changes and she recognized that there were certain things I just wouldn’t give up. She was extremely knowledgeable, motivating and professional throughout the process and kept me accountable to what I had committed to.

I know that these diet changes will be long lasting and I will keep the weight off. Many thanks Mary for all of your help through this journey.


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Mary is a Holistic Nutritionist and Personal Trainer. Her passions are rooted in competitive sports, fitness, trail running, and her love of helping others succeed.

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