Kennedy Falls Run

One of my favourite North Shore trails I’ve done to date is Kennedy Falls. On a typical rainy morning a few months ago, my wife Mary and I decided to start out on this trek as part of our ultra marathon training program. It was a wet and wild trail at the time, but it […]

Running Through The Pain

The sun peeks over the mountains to the East and you lace up the shoes; a consistent start to your morning routine for the past year. Heading down a familiar route on your morning run, you notice a pain beneath your knee cap. As any self respecting runner would do, you figure that you’ll warm-up […]

An Adventure in Costa Brava

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to seize an opportunity when it knocks. Sometimes it’s a light tap, and yet other times it’s like a hammer down the door. The opportunity to go running through the Spanish countryside in the Costa Brava region was somewhere in between. This unique adventure was brought to my attention […]

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