Lifestyle Related Factors for Weight Loss

It sounds pretty easy doesn’t it? Eat less and move more. Done. Close the books. You’ve set yourself on the yellow brick road to insane results! Hold your horses there. We might have a few more things to look at.  Achieving a healthy lifestyle requires a few other foundational pillars to accomplish your goals. The […]

Are You Eating Enough Protein

At this point everyone knows a little bit about protein. They know it helps build muscle and maybe to have it after a workout, but usually that’s where the knowledge stops. So the question is, are you eating enough to reach your goals? Likely not even close! Of all the food logs I check in […]

Diets Don’t Work

If you’ve ever tried going on a diet before, in hopes of losing that stubborn weight and keeping it off for good, you’re not alone! Most people (women in particular) have tried at least one fad diet in their lifetime, with the goal of fast tracking their weight loss attempts. The problem? The restrictive nature […]

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