Fat loss for busy professionals

Are you a busy professional juggling business calls, reports, and family responsibilities, with little time for anything else?  Welcome to the secret way to lose body fat without spending countless hours at the gym or going on restrictive diets.

Resting like a Pro

Just like how you need a siesta after a fiesta, your muscles also deserve some downtime. It's during these well-deserved breaks that your muscles and central nervous system recharge.

The Hidden Dangers of Low-Calorie Diets: Long-Term Harm to Your Health

In this blog, we'll delve into the hidden dangers of low-calorie diets and explore why they can be harmful over time.

A New Adventure

As many of the people close to me know, I've been working for a long time to get into the fire department. It has been a 25 year dream of mine and I’m proud to say that dream has been realized.

What is RIR?

Reps in reserve measures the number of additional repetitions one can perform before reaching a point where you can’t lift the weight any further or your muscles feel like they’re gonna explode!

Shifting your Mindset

We're diving into the marvelous world of imperfection and flexibility, and how they hold the key to achieving the best results without losing your sanity.

Cut your excuses down to size!

Excuses might seem harmless, but they can become insidious chains that hold you back from greatness.  Break free and unleash your full potential.

What the heck is RPE anyways?

I promise this one is simple, and very important. It stands for rate of perceived exertion (RPE). That’s fancy-pants talk for how subjectively hard that exercise or session is.

Lifestyle Related Factors for Weight Loss

It sounds pretty easy doesn’t it? Eat less and move more. Done. Close the books. You’ve set yourself on the yellow brick road to insane results! Hold your horses there. We might have a few more things to look at.

Are You Eating Enough Protein

So the question is, are you eating enough to reach your goals? Likely not even close! Of all the food logs I check in with people the most common problem I see is that they’re not taking in even close to the proper amount of protein.

Why Crunches Aren’t the Most Effective Ab Exercise

Crunches have been a staple for ab training for decades but they are not what you should be focusing on for building the six pack of your dreams. The core has many functions and there are better ways to train it.

Training Frequency For Weight Loss

What kind of time commitment is needed to see results? As always, the answer is - it depends! The goals that the person has will determine how often they have to workout.