A New Adventure

As many of the people close to me know, I’ve been working for a long time to get into the fire department. It has been a 25 year dream of mine and I’m proud to say that dream has been realized.

I start my training with Vancouver Fire Rescue Service August 8th, 2023. After going through a few other processes I couldn’t be happier ending up in Vancouver. The Big Smoke. My family has a history in that department and a place that I can really help people.

It has been over 4 years of hard work to get to this point. Years of training and staying in top shape so I can be ready for recruitment at any time. Studying constantly over that time. Reading my flashcards or text books in bed before going to sleep because that’s the only time I have. Taking other courses and volunteering as well have all been demanding but a very worthwhile undertaking.

The process to get hired with any department is long and arduous, as anyone who has accomplished or attempted it knows. Not only knowing the theory inside and out but also having practical hands on work experience and being in top physical condition is a lot to balance out. Many people quit this process. The ability to take rejection at one department and gear up and give your all for the next one is difficult. Tenacity is a key characteristic, which luckily for me, is perhaps my best attribute.

I’ve learned so much about myself in these past years. What true dedication to a task is all about. Remaining focused and driven over this time has taught me what it is to be fully committed to a long term goal.

Of course, much of my adult life has been building to this moment. Whether it was the years of manual, physical, and mechanical work I completed at the shipyard or my years as trainer. I’ve completed multiple marathons and ultra marathons. More half marathons than I can count. Along with a triathlon and a cycling fondo. Starting my own business and struggling through the early part of it building it to where it is today. All of these experiences have developed my resolve to create the man I am today.

Saying “goodbye” to the fitness industry is tough. I love what I do now. I’ve made so many incredible close connections with my clients, other coaches, staff, and others around the gym that it’s hard to say goodbye to seeing everyone on a daily/weekly basis. I will miss the friendships that I’ve made here.

I want to thank everyone that got me here. No one climbs a mountain alone, not by a long shot. I want to thank my parents and Holly for supporting me all along the way, I know they’re very happy and proud of this accomplishment. Thank you to all the people that kept me in working condition: Michelle Edmison is a wizard of sorts, thank you so much!!! Ryan Maron and Yasha Rabbani have had a huge part of keeping me performing at the level I needed to for years. Ashley Noon, my RMT, has been pivotal in my health as well. It takes an entire team to perform at a high level and my team has been incredible. Also, to all of my clients that have become like family to me. They have been endlessly supportive along this entire process, thank you.

Thanking my sweet little boys for just existing over the past 13 months. The motivation of doing something great for my family has been a never ending well of drive and determination for me. So thank you to James and George and their adorable little faces.

Lastly, Mary. My rock. Without which I wouldn’t have completed this goal, not by a longshot. As much as I have sacrificed over the past 4 plus years she has given up a lot as well. My training schedule, hours upon hours of studying, volunteer work and time away from the family… the list goes on. And behind it all was Mary supporting me and helping out with anything around the house so that I could pursue this dream career. Particularly raising our boys over the past year has been a very tough endeavor and with me missing time it has been even harder. Twins are no joke as far as workload is concerned. She has been absolutely killing it and with me at work, commuting, and fire department commitments which has had me away for large portions of time. Thank you Mary.

I still have a ton of work to do. More training, studying, and practicing my practical skills will be another huge task not only during the 8 weeks of training but the year of probation and going forward from there. It’s apparent I need to perfect a couple muffin recipes while I’m on probation as well, any suggestions are welcomed.

I’m looking forward to learning so much more and the challenge that awaits me. I love to learn, the thought of continuing that for the rest of my life is quite appealing. Both as a member of the Vancouver Fire Rescue Service and as a coach.

For the fitness industry, this is not goodbye for me. A see you later. I will be gone for a few months but I have full plans to return albeit at a different capacity than I am now. I have so much more that I want to accomplish with fitness. Far more than I’m willing to even discuss quite yet, but many plans are in the works. For now, I will be more in the background of the business and helping our coaches develop as much as humanly possible and assisting our members from more of a distance. I love the business that Mary and I have created and I’m excited for it to continue to grow.

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